Sally-Hershberger-Mineral-Spray-010Always thinking about how to get your hair to look like you have just been out at the beach? Unless you actually have time to go out and play all day at the beach, we have an alternative for you. Sally Hershberger’s Mineral Spray is ideal to help give your hair that beach babe look. Pro stylist Philip James gives you 3 styling tips on how to use this product effectively to achieve its maximum results.

Philip recommends:

  1. Spray Mineral Spray in your hair when it is still wet, scrunch with your hands and then diffuse the hair till fully dry for a tousled beachy look.
  2. For a more textured piecey blow-dry: First, blow-dry your hair with a round brush, then spray Mineral Spray evenly on your hands, then grabbing random pieces apply it on them. This will break up the blow-dry and give it a beachy texture at the ends.
  3. If your hair is on the finer side, spray Mineral Spray all over before blowdrying, then dry the hair all the way, precede to curl with a curling iron avoiding the roots so it does not go flat. This will give your hair more volume and density.

Now spray and play!

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