Orsi wanted to go lighter for spring, she was not talking about going super blonde at all, but she was feeling her hair needed a little spruce up. After consulting with Bianca and deciding how light is too light, they came to a decision that somewhere in the middle would be ideal. Before starting the process, Bianca prepped her hair with some of the Sally Hershberger Keratin Oil to fill in any extreme porosity of the hair and to protect it while coloring, she then proceeded to fully Balayage her hair adding the new OLAPLEX in-color treatment into her mix to help avoid any more damaging the hair while lightening. With just a little gloss at the end to add shine she was all done and ready for the next step.

After the little color makeover, Orsi saw Lee Rittiner for a well deserved haircut to add better structure to her hair. Lee cut 8.5 inches off and created a new center parting. Adding long concave type of layers help create movement and separation in the hair, this also creates a better flow with her new highlights. Lee was able to still keep her hair long, since it was really important for Orsi to easily pull her hair back in a ponytail or up in a bun. Minimal subtle changes can make a world of a difference and seem like you have a whole new head of hair. Take a look at the beautiful before and after







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