3 products for and easy blow-dry.

Blowdrying your hair is not an easy task, and as simple as our stylist make it seem here are some secret weapons our very own Pro ‘s Phillip James, Nick Flores and Lorenzo Calderon share with us as their go-to products to consider taking home the next time you visit us at Sally Hershberger LA.

To prep the hair before starting a blow-dry, Nick loves using the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue cream since it makes it easy to detangle the hair and nourishes from the inside out as you blow-dry. Unlike most styling creams, this one is very light weight and can be used on most hair types to smooth the hair without residue. Shu-uemura-essence-absolue-styling-cream


Another great blow-dry serum is Sally Hershberger Go With the Blow serum, this will smooth unruly hair, curly hair, or brittle hair and can help keep your blowout last  longer. With an added heat protectant you can prevent future damage if using a curling iron or flat iron.



Finally, no blow-dry is complete without a finishing spray to support and hold the style longer. It’s very important using a finishing spray that it is light weight and flexible in hold to allow for hair tossing, flexibility in the style and low buildup. Lorenzo recommends the Loreal Infunium 3 hairspray that is perfect for that “it supports the style and has a clean-feel that won’t knot your hair or build up” says Lorenzo. Infinium-3-loreal


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