Colorist Kaitrin Simkin gave us some of her hair color forecast for spring/summer 2014. Here is what she had to say:

“Haircolor always follows fashion and pop culture trends. This spring/summer I’m loving metallics ¬†being used by designers such as Lanvin and Proenza Schouler, which tap into that sexy 70′s glam. Think of American Hustle”.



PROENZA SCHOULER“We often change the tones to follow these trends, bronzey browns, bright auburns, silvery white and amethyst blondes. My clients are obsessed with rose gold right now, so I’ve been mixing gold with a touch of auburn to give it that rosy pink. We are also having fun with temporary colors such as Loreal Hair Chalk. They have a beautiful bronze, violet and pink which are applied wet and blown dry into the hair. The look is more polished and lasts longer than other chalks on the market. And of course, shine, shine, shine is alway beautiful, but especially right now”.


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